My name is Shelly, and I am a twenty-something vibrant girl that simply loves the thought of blogging and sharing my thoughts.  I love all things blue and purple, and living in the south, I am your typical Southern Belle….at least I think so.   You an see my pic if you simply take a look to the left.  🙂

I have a cat named blue, because her eyes are so blue (yes I know I am original).



I would love to get another cat, but for now, I think Blue loves all the attention that she gets from me on a daily basis.

I am into marketing, and blogging, and simply trying to make a name for myself out in the business world.  With this blog I have potential to reach so many people around the world and share fun stories of my life and fun times that I know I will be having.

I hope to turn this blog into a resource to help with home owners, home buyers, and also small business owners.   I plan on interviewing small business owners to provide tips and tricks of how they got into their businesses and hop that they can provide other young entrepreneurs with solid information that may help them as well.   I have a few interviews already lined up for this next week, so I hope to get this blog started off with a bang.

You can always reach me by clicking on the contact button above, or heck, just  click it here.

I look forward to chatting with you soon and if you happen to be a small business owner that would like to be interviewed by me, and featured on this blog, be sure to contact me.   I am always looking for great content to put on the site.

Talk soon!