Your Business Parking Area

Get It Striped Properly

If you are a business owner and you have a parking area, you know that customer safety while in your lot is a number one priority, or at least it should be.   Keeping your parking lot striped properly and having all of the proper indications for loading zones, tow-away zones, fire lanes and handicap areas are a must.   Heck fire lanes and handicap zones are requirements and you must stay in compliance.   I spoke with Ronnie from Parking Lot Striping Houston to get some general safety tips that will help any small business owner to keep their lot safe, and compliant with all city and state codes.

Fire Lanes

First off for safety reasons for everyone inside the actual brick and mortar business the fire lanes need to be clearly marked.  These fire lanes are marked as no parking zones and allow for firetrucks easy access in case of an emergency.  This keeps all areas around the building and perimeter to be free from parked cars so firetrucks and other emergency vehicles can get to the scene as fast as possible.   Not only is this for safety but it is also a requirement.  If you do not have clearly marked fire lanes, you can bet the fire marshal will soon pay you a visit and require this work to be done within a certain amount of time.

Handicap Stalls

reserved-parkingAs you are probably aware the ADA (American Disabilities Act) requires that handicap stalls be available to accommodate your guests which have disabilities.   There is a requirement of the number of handicap spaces which must be available in your lot, and the requirement is based on the size of your parking area.   The parking lot striping company that you choose to come in and do the work will know all of the requirements and will make sure that your parking area is fully compliant.   If for some reason they do not mention this to you, be sure to ask them if you are compliant.   You do not want to have to have the work redone due to a bad striping company not keeping you compliant.

Directional Arrows

There is no actual requirement on adding directional arrows to your parking area, but depending on the size and layout of your lot, these arrows will be very helpful for the patrons of your business to know which direction traffic should flow.   If there is total chaos in the parking lot of cars going in every direction, you could see an increase in vehicle accidents inside the lot or even issues of pedestrians being struck while trying to enter or exit your facility.   This would be very bad for your business legally, and also bad for the folks simply trying to do business with you.   So adding directional arrows to the lot to keep the proper flow of traffic is always a good thing.   You will have to pay a little extra to have the arrows placed, but in the end, it is so worth it for your business.

Speed Bumps

Similar to Directional arrows, speed bumps are not a requirement, however, forcing a slower speed in the parking lot is never a bad thing.  If your lot is rather large it can be easy for drivers to drive at a higher rate of speed than they should, thus resulting in a greater chance of accidents.  Placing speed bumps throughout the lot is a great way to reduce speeds and potential accidents.

There are so many other things we could say about parking lots, but I think you can see that as a business owner taking care of your lot is also the same as taking care of your customers.  Be sure to take care of your customers and keep your parking lot looking fresh.

Dont be like this guy and park illegally in a handicap parking zone.

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