Let’s Shoot Some Hoops

The Court is Now in Session

If you are like most Americans, you love basketball.  At least I think most Americans love basketball.  If they do not then someone high up should have a talk with them.  Haha, simply my opinion of course.  This past weekend, we were super excited to get to use the new basketball court in our back yard that is now fully ready for some use.   Who wants to shoot some hoops?

We had the court poured and prepared a few months back, but never did have the stripes painted until just last week.  We have a friend from church, John that has a parking lot striping company, and was able to come over and paint the strips on the court for us.  I have to say it looks amazing and he did a great job.   He typically only paints parking lots and warehouse floors, but said he would easily be able to come and paint the strips on our new court.    Awesome!

John brought one of his workers with him and they laid out the plan for striping the court.  I had never watched this process before, and it was pretty amazing watching them measure, and plan, and get things ready to paint.   I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but I did not.  It is amazing the precision these guys have when it comes to making the straight lines straight and the curved lines curved.   It is a talent for sure, that I know I do not possess.  Heck I can’t even color in the lines of a coloring book let alone create the lines myself.

basketball court

Once they have finished actually painting the lines, I was simply stunned at not only how great it looked but what a difference it made to actually have the stripes on the court.  John had told us the paint dries pretty quick and we could start using it pretty soon after he was finished, but we decided to err on the side of caution and simply wait until the weekend to break it in.   Plus we wanted it to look immaculate for our friends once they arrived for the “let’s shoot some hoops” party.   We love to think of any and every way to come up with a reason to have people over.

The Party

Hot coalsThe weekend party turned out awesome.  We invited our friends from church to come over for a cookout and a little bit of basketball.   Not only was the basketball court a big hit with the men and the kiddos, but the women simply loved the new floors that I posted about just recently.   We had about 12 couples along with their kiddos all running around the backyard and it was so much fun.

We cooked hamburgers, and hotdogs on the grill.  Everyone brought a side dish so we had so much food like pasta salads, chips, beans, fruit salad, queso, watermelon and so much more.  There were also every kind of soft drinks, water, and tea.  We had a full spread for everyone to enjoy and it was just a great time.

The weather turned out perfect as well.   If we would have tried to plan the weather it would have turned out bad, but with throwing this together it simply turned out the best.  It was a great fall weekend to have a cookout and enjoy some basketball.

As always if you want to reach out to me I would love to add you to my inner circle.  I have found so many new friends from this blog and I love meeting new people.  Reach out to me and lets chat.