Monthly Archives: October 2016

Let’s Shoot Some Hoops

The Court is Now in Session

If you are like most Americans, you love basketball.  At least I think most Americans love basketball.  If they do not then someone high up should have a talk with them.  Haha, simply my opinion of course.  This past weekend, we were super excited to get to use the new basketball court in our back yard that is now fully ready for some use.   Who wants to shoot some hoops?

We had the court poured and prepared a few months back, but never did have the stripes painted until just last week.  We have a friend from church, John that has a parking lot striping company, and was able to come over and paint the strips on the court for us.  I have to say it looks amazing and he did a great job.   He typically only paints parking lots and warehouse floors, but said he would easily be able to come and paint the strips on our new court.    Awesome!