Labor Day Turned Into Labor Day For Me

Labor Day Made Me Tired

Hello peeps, I hope you all had a great and fun Labor Day weekend.  I was able to spend some time with my family, and we actually did some real hard labor for the holiday weekend.   It was fun, and hard work all at the same time.   Working as a team with a lot of my family members made it not seem like work at all.   Have you ever been on a group build for like Habit For Humanity?  That is what this seemed like even though it was simply a family event.

So we had my aunts, uncles, cousins, and a few friends all gather at my grandmother’s home during the long weekend.  All together we had like 25 people there at her house, so it was kind of like a big family reunion, but a working reunion.  She lives out in west Texas in a town called Lubbock.  You probably have heard of it if you are from Texas.   Anyway she is getting up there in years and simply needed a few things done around the house to help keep it from falling apart around her.

My cousin Jared works for a fence repair company in Lubbock, so he, and I along with a couple of our other cousins were assigned to work on the fence.  Jared was a great “boss” (that is what I kept calling him) during the weekend.  He has learned a lot about building fences, repair and also staining fences since he started working for that company.   My grandmother’s fence still has a few years left on it, but just needed to be freshened up, so we are trying to make it last a while longer before having to buy a new one.

Shelly working hardHere is a pic of me, and you can see the fence in the background with a new fresh coat of stain on it.  Jared did make a few repairs to the fence, and I was in charge of running the power washer prior to us staining the fence.  Due to the west Texas winds and dust storms, the fence was pretty dirty, so Jared had me do the power washing to clean the fence.  That took quite a bit of time because of doing both sides of the fence.   I wasn’t thinking about that, and was pretty stinking happy when I made it around the fence, only to be told I needed to now go power wash the other side.   I had a blonde moment (sorry girls) even though I am not a blonde.  I did the power washing on Saturday, and then we didn’t apply the actual stain until the following day.  I wish I had taken some before and after pics of the fence, but I wasn’t really thinking about blogging about this event.

Power washing the fence, only took a couple of hours to do (both sides) because the fence is not that large.   We decided to let it dry for the day, and let Jared finish up with the gate he was repairing before we applied the stain the next day,  It may have been a little too early to stain it right after power washing, but we only had the weekend to finish.    While waiting for it to dry, I ended up helping my aunt with some of the flower bed work as well.  There were weeds everywhere, so we were pulling, and raking, etc getting it all to look nice.  I only helped with clearing it out, and my mom and aunt were in charge of adding in the mulch and flowers to make it all look nice again.

Quite honestly, I much preferred running the power washer machine, and the pump sprayer with the fence stain than I did pulling those stinkin’ weeds.  Both gave me a pretty good workout for sure.  Actually when I woke up on Sunday morning, I was a little achy, and didn’t want to get out there to work on the fence more.  It is kind of funny how you realize you have muscles that you didn’t realize you had, once you actually get out and do work you are not use to doing.

The weekend was very successful, the fence was repaired, and stained, the flower beds were transformed from a weedy mess to beautiful flowers, my uncles did some painting on a few rooms. the lawn was mowed, trees were trimmed.  We transformed the entire place, and it looks wonderful.   I wish my grandmother could keep it up, but it is a little much for her to completely keep up with.  I am thankful for a family that is all willing to pitch in and help.

Here are some funny family moment…not my family, but this cracked me up and reminded me of our family a lot.