Lazy Sunday Doin’ More Thinkin’

Great Day For Washing Windows

In keeping with my daily posting schedule, I wanted to pop in and share my thoughts, and give more thoughts on my list of projects that I really want to do to the house this year.   After looking over the list int he last post, I really  think that even though it is a big job, I should probably start with washing all of the windows (inside and out).   I know this is a job I can do myself without having to outsource it, and it will give me more time to think of other great projects I should do in the near future as well.

Where To Start

I am going to start by washing all of the windows downstairs first, as that should be the easiest task.  I first contemplated simply washing all of the inside windows first, and then tackling the outside, but after much thought and deliberation (all of about 10 minutes), I had talked myself into doing the downstairs windows first.   But then I started thinking that if I do the downstairs first, then when it comes time to do the outside windows on the second story then I could potentially ruin all of the work on the downstairs windows as the dirty water drips down on the freshly cleaned windows  (not like that happens when it rains anyway right?  lol)

So here is my game plan, and I am going to stick with it.

  1. Wash the upstairs windows starting with the inside.
  2. Was the upstairs windows on the outside.
  3. Wash the downstairs windows outside.
  4. Wash the downstairs windows inside.

Other than what I mentioned above about the dirty water dripping from top to bottom on the outside there is no real reason why I chose to start inside and end insi(yes it is all a mind-game with me.  haha)

Here are my supplies,

ladder supplies

Now I am ready to go.   Anyone want to join me and help?  I may turn this into a two day job.  I have burned most of the daylight procrastinating.  Maybe I should just go sit by the pool until tomorrow.  lol.