Your Business Parking Area

Get It Striped Properly

If you are a business owner and you have a parking area, you know that customer safety while in your lot is a number one priority, or at least it should be.   Keeping your parking lot striped properly and having all of the proper indications for loading zones, tow-away zones, fire lanes and handicap areas are a must.   Heck fire lanes and handicap zones are requirements and you must stay in compliance.   I spoke with Ronnie from Parking Lot Striping Houston to get some general safety tips that will help any small business owner to keep their lot safe, and compliant with all city and state codes.

Fire Lanes

First off for safety reasons for everyone inside the actual brick and mortar business the fire lanes need to be clearly marked.  These fire lanes are marked as no parking zones and allow for firetrucks easy access in case of an emergency.  This keeps all areas around the building and perimeter to be free from parked cars so firetrucks and other emergency vehicles can get to the scene as fast as possible.   Not only is this for safety but it is also a requirement.  If you do not have clearly marked fire lanes, you can bet the fire marshal will soon pay you a visit and require this work to be done within a certain amount of time.


Who Knew Choosing Floors Was So Fun Yet Difficult

I Love My New Floors

If you have never stopped to think about the beauty of stained concrete floors in your home then you are missing out on a true gem.   I had mentioned previously in another post that I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my home.  I couldn’t decide between hardwoods or stained concrete, and after much deliberation I finally made a decision that I am so happy with I can’t wait to share it with everyone.  The results turned out fantastic, and the guys I hired to do the job were top-notch professionals.

Drumroll please…

I chose to go with the stained concrete.

Why Stained Concrete?

Kitchen FloorWith all of the research I had been doing I finally talked with Craig at Premier Concrete Staining of Frisco.  He talked me through all the benefits of stained concrete and after our conversation I was hooked and knew that I didn’t want to go with anything else at this point.   The customer service I received from them was amazing and the prices were great too.   I can’t say enough good things about this company and how they did such a great job on my floors.

Take a look for yourself.  Here is a picture of the kitchen and I absolutely love the result.  Maybe it is just because it is mine, but I love it, and cant stop smiling at the results.  This girl is happy, happy, happy.


Labor Day Turned Into Labor Day For Me

Labor Day Made Me Tired

Hello peeps, I hope you all had a great and fun Labor Day weekend.  I was able to spend some time with my family, and we actually did some real hard labor for the holiday weekend.   It was fun, and hard work all at the same time.   Working as a team with a lot of my family members made it not seem like work at all.   Have you ever been on a group build for like Habit For Humanity?  That is what this seemed like even though it was simply a family event.

So we had my aunts, uncles, cousins, and a few friends all gather at my grandmother’s home during the long weekend.  All together we had like 25 people there at her house, so it was kind of like a big family reunion, but a working reunion.  She lives out in west Texas in a town called Lubbock.  You probably have heard of it if you are from Texas.   Anyway she is getting up there in years and simply needed a few things done around the house to help keep it from falling apart around her.

My cousin Jared works for a fence repair company in Lubbock, so he, and I along with a couple of our other cousins were assigned to work on the fence.  Jared was a great “boss” (that is what I kept calling him) during the weekend.  He has learned a lot about building fences, repair and also staining fences since he started working for that company.   My grandmother’s fence still has a few years left on it, but just needed to be freshened up, so we are trying to make it last a while longer before having to buy a new one.


Let’s Shoot Some Hoops

The Court is Now in Session

If you are like most Americans, you love basketball.  At least I think most Americans love basketball.  If they do not then someone high up should have a talk with them.  Haha, simply my opinion of course.  This past weekend, we were super excited to get to use the new basketball court in our back yard that is now fully ready for some use.   Who wants to shoot some hoops?

We had the court poured and prepared a few months back, but never did have the stripes painted until just last week.  We have a friend from church, John that has a parking lot striping company, and was able to come over and paint the strips on the court for us.  I have to say it looks amazing and he did a great job.   He typically only paints parking lots and warehouse floors, but said he would easily be able to come and paint the strips on our new court.    Awesome!


Thinkin’ About Floors

The Floors

Remember how I was going to start off washing windows?  Well as luck would have it today starts off with rain in the forecast, and yep as of writing this post it is currently raining.  I know you can still wash windows in the rain, but to me it seems counterproductive, and also a good excuse to not do it today.  🙂

So instead I have been contemplating what type of flooring we should put in the house.  Currently the house has some pretty old carpeting, and I absolutely despise it.   I have been trying to decide if I want to put in hardwood flooring, tile, or simply rip everything out and go with stained concrete.   I have pretty much ruled out tiles, as I have never been much of a fan of tiled floors as a main flooring throughout a home.  I am ok with tiles in hallways, and bathrooms, but I have never really liked tiles in family rooms and kitchens.  Could just be a personal preference of mine, simply letting you know my thoughts and why I have already ruled it out before even starting this process of figuring out what I want.

To be honest, I am heavily leaning on going with stained concrete, but on the other hand I have always wanted nice hand-scraped wood floors.  So I am at a crossroads of which one I want now that I am actually faced with the decision to make.  So without further adue, lets figure this out this flooring situation.

Pros and Cons of Hardwoods vs. Stained Concrete Floors

 Hardwoods Stained Concrete
Classy and Looks Nice  Yes Yes
Needs replacing in the future Yes No
Customization (unique) No Yes
Can be damaged by moisture or humidity Yes No
Trap mold, mildew, dust mites Yes No
hardwood stained-concrete

I have had enough of the charting.  lol   I think I have easily shown myself that going with stained concrete will be in my best interest as far as longevity, cleanliness, classy, etc.   So now I just need to get it in my mind which one I want to go with, and what will look best with my decor.    If I had not wanted hardwoods for so long, I think it would be easy to just say, yep, I am going with stained concrete.   Since I have wanted hardwoods for so long, I am going to have to think about it for a while.   I think this week, I will go out and get some pricing from different companies to find out how much of a difference in price I am looking at between the two.

Does anyone on this blog have offers of suggestions that maybe you can tell me about one or the other and why you like them?  If so please contact me, and I will be glad to listen to what you have to share with me.


Lazy Sunday Doin’ More Thinkin’

Great Day For Washing Windows

In keeping with my daily posting schedule, I wanted to pop in and share my thoughts, and give more thoughts on my list of projects that I really want to do to the house this year.   After looking over the list int he last post, I really  think that even though it is a big job, I should probably start with washing all of the windows (inside and out).   I know this is a job I can do myself without having to outsource it, and it will give me more time to think of other great projects I should do in the near future as well.

Where To Start

I am going to start by washing all of the windows downstairs first, as that should be the easiest task.  I first contemplated simply washing all of the inside windows first, and then tackling the outside, but after much thought and deliberation (all of about 10 minutes), I had talked myself into doing the downstairs windows first.   But then I started thinking that if I do the downstairs first, then when it comes time to do the outside windows on the second story then I could potentially ruin all of the work on the downstairs windows as the dirty water drips down on the freshly cleaned windows  (not like that happens when it rains anyway right?  lol)


Sittin’ Poolside

Loving The Summer

at the poolToday is a lovely day to be out by the pool enjoying the sun, the light breeze and a nice glass of iced tea.  I am very much celebrating the weekend, and simply loving life today with not a care in the world.   I have been thinking of a few home improvement projects I would like to accomplish this coming fall, and am already trying to think of ways I can procrastinate my way out of doing them.  hehe.   I am the queen of procrastination.

So in efforts to keep myself accountable, I thought I would blog out my list of thing I would like to have done around the house, and then try to report on them as I get them completed over the next year.  I don’t think I will be doing everything as a DIY, so I will be hiring some of this to be done.  I know my limits, and there are some things that are best left up to the professionals.   I for sure don’t like when things appear as if they were done by an amateur.


Welcome To Le Jardin

Welcome, I am so glad you are here.  I wanted to make a quick first post about our lovely neighborhood.  I will be adding more to this blog in the coming days, and months, but wanted something here as a placeholder so you didn’t think this site was just another bummer site on the internet.

There will be more to come.